Turn on-chain data into revenue.

Supercharge on-chain data to understand your customers, improve your web3 product, and maximize revenue. All in a couple clicks.

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Segment wallets and revenue opportunities

Segment wallets by wallet behavior and granular dApp usage. Index by dApp, token balances, or custom Garden-generated labels to zone in on specific wallet profiles.



Use data as an edge over your competitors to discover overlapping and new users. Understand cohort usage and ownership on peer projects.


Discover lookalike wallet audiences

Model similar wallets and lookalike audiences using Garden's Intelligent Data Engine. Find qualified and ranked leads on potential new users based on past users. Use Garden's off-chain labeling engine to find associated social media accounts for outreach.


We empower any wallet-enabled business and product.


Monitor withdrawing and depositing wallets on-chain to inform customers of hacks and compromises.

Lending Protocols

Find and model high value wallets in your user base. Poach users from competing pools. Discover usage patterns across the ecosystem.

NFT Marketplaces

Understand project ownership among your users. Attract secondary trading on your platform. Build custom behaviors for specific users on your frontend.

NFT Projects

Find high value holders and KOLs. Build better understandings of secondary volume on exchanges and maximize royalties.

Cross-chain Bridges

Create targeted incentive mechanisms for wallets. Discover patterns in bridge usage. Inform your integration roadmap with data.

Stablecoin Issuers

Understand the circulation of your stables by dApp and wallet. Understand high value cohorts of retail and insitutional users.


Unique CloneX Holders


Total USD NFT Volume by CloneX Holders


Total NFT Trades by CloneX Holders


Average Trade Frequency by Platform
ON-chain Data, simplified.

Metrics that matter

Distill complex on-chain transactions, events, and transfers into simple, human readable labels and metrics to better inform understand your users.

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