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Make patents less painful.

Automate invention harvesting. Generate novel patents. Evaluate infringing products.

 All in a couple clicks.

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Garden helps everyone in the patent lifecycle.

Patent Prosecutors and Agents

Move faster on fixed fee work.

Garden helps patent prosecutors and agents meaningfully increase volume while maintaining the quality of their work.
Turn meeting notes and invention disclosures into deep patent landscapes. Understand the strength of claims quickly. Generate non-claims sections of patent applications instantly. Respond to office actions in a couple of minutes with the proper claim amendments or detailed refutations of cited prior art.
Patent Litigators

Never rely on outside consultants again.

Garden helps patent litigators conduct deep prior art searches and get domain expertise on technical fields quickly.
Conduct a complete 102/103 prior art search for IPR in a couple of clicks. Find infringements across long form documents from clients' competitors. Understand patent trolls and NPEs patent estates quickly and thoroughly.

Employ the patent expert that actively creates value.

Garden helps companies build patent estates and invention harvest at scale.
Invention harvest at scale and on an ongoing basis. Create freedom-to-operate maps in a couple of clicks. Appraise monetary value of incremental IP in the marketplace. Generate SEP reports. Standardize and evaluate outside prosecution work.

Garden drives measurable outcomes.

13 hours
Average time we save prosecutors weekly
on fixed fee work
Total IP value Garden has assisted in generating in first 4 months of launch
Average annual cost savings with Garden from not using outside consultants for large law firms